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The Road to Rediscovery is a truly powerful podcast, touching those who are facing their own challenges in life. It is positively influencing the lives of people across multiple countries....

Ruchi Singh, Motivational Speaker and

Mindset Coach

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so what is this all about??

Welcome to the Road to Rediscovery!  My name is Aubrey Johnson, Podcast Creator and Host.  Life is a journey.  Along the way, we hit tight turns, inclines, and rough terrains where lessons are presented to us.  Some of these we discover and learn, and others are presented to us AGAIN later in life.  So the question is, will we just ignore them and move on, or do we REDISCOVER the lesson, and grow?

The Road to Rediscovery is about reflecting on past events, and the lessons of our lives, for learning and growth.  I share the lessons I’ve learned from my own journey, as well as interview extraordinary individuals who have amazing stories to share

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