Fighting COVID-19 with Laughter: A Chat with Bruce Lipsky

[00:00:00] Announcer: in life's journey. We must seek to reflect, learn, and grow. Welcome to the road to rediscovery with your host Aubrey Johnson.

Aubrey Johnson: wherever you are. Good morning. Good afternoon. And good evening. Welcome to the roads rediscovery. I'm your host, our Brie Johnson. The roads rediscovery is about reflecting on life's lessons to learn and grow and reaching out to help others struggling through dark times. I'll tell you what, I have a question for you.

How many of you have found yourselves in the most dire and desperate of situations? I mean, feeling as if you are literally knocking on death's door, then without notice something enters your head that makes you laugh. I'm not sure there would be [00:01:00] many of us who can say they've experienced this. My special guest has, and without a doubt, taken the phrase.

Laughter is the best medicine to a new level, a comedian from New York city. He was hit hard with the Corona virus and thankfully is now about seven weeks in recovery. In the typical fashion of New York toughness. He responded to the affliction like a champion. He's using his strength of comedy to recover from COVID-19.

We're going to dive into this great conversation and hear a first person's perspective of what's going on. Through COVID-19 in this country's epicenter and I'm sure we'll have a few good laughs along the way, ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce mr. Bruce. Lipski Bruce. Welcome to the show, man.