Next Level Mindset

00:00:00] Aubrey Johnson: Hello everyone. And welcome to a solo episode of the road to rediscovery. I'm your host, Aubrey Johnson. Now, if there's a special person weighing on your heart, who is looking to turn things around and they need support in their time of struggle and despair, please, please, please share this podcast with them and let them know that they are not alone.

And there's an ear that will listen to them. Thanks to all of you. The road to rediscovery has become a five star podcast on iTunes. Not only that in less than a year, a little less than a year, the road to rediscovery has finally hit the thousand download [00:01:00] Mark. So thanks to. All of you for your support and your love and your continuous admiration and help of checking in and listening to the different podcast episodes and the extraordinary guests that have come on the show to share their backgrounds, their stories, and how they're moving forward to help people in their lives.

I am truly, truly grateful for each and every one of you for checking in and listening now on iTunes. You have given me shout outs and I greatly appreciate it. So therefore I want to reciprocate by giving a shout out to a gentleman named Stan who says that the roads rediscovery is inspirational and thoughtful with life lessons and insights that resonate without being preachy.