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00:00:00] Aubrey Johnson: Hello everyone. And welcome to a solo episode of the road to rediscovery. I'm your host, Aubrey Johnson. Now, if there's a special person weighing on your heart, who is looking to turn things around and they need support in their time of struggle and despair, please, please, please share this podcast with them and let them know that they are not alone.

And there's an ear that will listen to them. Thanks to all of you. The road to rediscovery has become a five star podcast on iTunes. Not only that in less than a year, a little less than a year, the road to rediscovery has finally hit the thousand download [00:01:00] Mark. So thanks to. All of you for your support and your love and your continuous admiration and help of checking in and listening to the different podcast episodes and the extraordinary guests that have come on the show to share their backgrounds, their stories, and how they're moving forward to help people in their lives.

I am truly, truly grateful for each and every one of you for checking in and listening now on iTunes. You have given me shout outs and I greatly appreciate it. So therefore I want to reciprocate by giving a shout out to a gentleman named Stan who says that the roads rediscovery is inspirational and thoughtful with life lessons and insights that resonate without being preachy.

Looking forward to more. Thank you so much, Stan. And we're going to do everything we can to deliver more. Now onto the solo episode. As I mentioned, I believe at the tail end of my last episode, [00:02:00] I recently had shoulder surgery and. I've had some time off work to recover and so forth, and I'm still going through recovery.

In fact, I am now on my third week of physical therapy. Uh, first off, I want to thank all of you for your flexibility, your understanding and your support, and, uh, and patients in. Just putting up with the delay in delivering the episodes due to my shoulder surgery and recovery. So thank you so much for that.

But, uh, like I said, um, I've had some time off work for going through recovery. And needless to say, I've had lots of time to reflect as well as ponder on future episodes. So I want to share with you a revelation that I had during this time of recovery. I've decided to start moving into the direction [00:03:00] of visualizing the next chapter in my life.

I'm currently 51 years old, and I'm not making any major transition job wise life wise or anything. But that doesn't mean that I shouldn't at least begin to visualize what that next chapter. What looked like. Right. I don't think so. I don't think you need to wait for a major life transition to happen in order to visualize what it's going to look like and how it's going to be.

Uh, you can proactively do it, and that's what I decided to do or start doing. So at this time, I want to introduce to you what I call my next level mindset and. Before I go into this, I don't want all of you listening out there to think that, Hey, look at Aubrey, this is what he's doing. I'm not doing this to say, Hey, look at me or to showcase [00:04:00] myself.

Uh, I just want to share with you the excitement of, of, of what I've reflected on and some things that I am trying to attempt to improve myself as a person. And I'm hoping, um, You know, some of this may resonate with you. I'm hoping that this, uh, may give you a tip or two and, um, taking that next step and going to that next level in your life.

And if you have any others to suggest, please send me an email, just visit the website road to That's two with the number two and. Just leave me a message on the website, and I'd love to hear your ideas and your insights on, uh, how you would move to the next level. All right. So here we go.

Like I mentioned, this is my next level mindset. I'm also referring [00:05:00] to this as quote, next level of thinking. With all of us on this revolution of self-help empowerment and improvement. I know my next level thinking may sound redundant, but, but just hear me out. Okay. Just hear me up there. Podcasts that I listened to, uh, for instance, There are some that suggest ways to make your mornings more effective or productive.

And I'm going to be fully honest with you in my full transparency to you. I have to say that in my heart of hearts, And with the best of intentions, I want to carry out some of the suggestions that I hear. They're awesome ideas, but the reality and the daily grind of my work, life, family routines, and addressing unexpected issues.

I simply struggle with executing these ideas and I truly, truly want to take them on. Now. Some people would counter. What I just said and would say [00:06:00] something like, there's usually no good time to start. You just have to jump into it. And you know what? That may very well be true. There are those that can take a suggestion for improvement and execute it at the flip of a switch.

And that is great for them. I wish I can do that. Unfortunately. It's not me. I happen to be the type of person who prefers taking the time to process the suggestion, visualize it and strategically execute. But again, like I said, the daily grind and routines of my life simply get in my way. I know that life never hits the pause button, but with my time off to recover from surgery, I can't help, but feel that I have some time to think about what this quote next level looks like and how to execute it in a way that works for me.

As a part of my journey thus far, it's taken some time, but over the [00:07:00] years, I've learned to hold a steady schedule for mindful meditation and breathing. It's a big part of my day. I've also changed my daily habits to insert nearly every gap of time that I have with an opportunity to learn such as reading books, listening to improvement, podcasts, audio books, et cetera, all these changes have gone quite well.

And are now part of my daily routine and my journey for growth. However, when you want to continuously grow in your life, what things can you learn to get to that next level? This is what I'm talking about to you today. So for me here are some of the next level thoughts that I've had, and that I truly want to execute based on ideas that I've heard from many podcast hosted by my wonderful and knowledgeable colleagues.

Okay. There's four of them starting with number one, verbally express [00:08:00] gratitude each morning. I'm truly grateful for everything. God has blessed me with. I really, really am internally. I feel and breathe this gratitude every day. It's one of the mindful elements that I cover in my meditation. I just feel that doing this in a more verbal way allows me to.

Connect closer with my humility, maintain a grounded nature and see the bigger picture in where my gratitude lies. Number two, before leaving work in the evening, write down the first three things I will do the next morning. One podcast that I listened to explain how people gravitate to checking their emails and how it's actually considered quote, busy work that is not much value add or productive.

I agree with this, and I want to begin my Workday with more meaningful tasks that will move the productivity needle. [00:09:00] I totally subscribed to the practice of setting up tomorrow success the night before I do it at home with getting my clothes out the night before for work, packing my lunch the night before.

So, um, I'm fully on board and understand setting up tomorrow's success the night before. Writing these three things down can only help me start tomorrow off with the best foot possible to be successful with this. I know two things must happen though. Number one, I must be completely intentional and two, I can't push back perpetuate or procrastinate, those nagging less than desirable tasks.

And I'm sure you know what I'm talking about because we all have them. Number three. Meditative questioning when I heard this one, one of my podcasts that I listened to, this was a total breakthrough for me. I think meditative [00:10:00] questioning can be a total game changer. As I mentioned earlier, I practice mindful meditation every morning.

So make any slight tweak to how I meditate. Could be huge things such as having the meditation session and then asking myself questions, like how can I bring a smile to someone's face today? Or, or maybe how can I bring positive light and energy to a negative or problematic situation? I believe this is a game changer because while the source is inward focus, the manifested energy is outward focus.

That's mind blowing to me. And it's so true. It's not only intended for your personal growth, but for the improvement of those around you, it all comes back full circle to making the world a better place. And each of us do in our part number for some is better than none. [00:11:00] Now for this one, I can't remember what podcast I was listening to, but when I heard this phrase, it completely resonated with me.

For instance, whenever I decide to start a workout schedule, let's say an hour, a day, four days a week. If something unexpected happens, when I'm unable to commit my full hour of workout time, I just wouldn't do it. And plan to go a different day now. If I have 15 or 20 minutes open for a workout, it may not be the ideal hour that I aimed for, but it's better than not exercising at all.

This has a positive and productive effect on my health. And 15 minutes of activity is better than zero minutes on an intended hour workout. Additionally, since I'm now 51. Those younger marathon days have three hour workouts and I had many of them back then, but those days are far behind me. So there you have it [00:12:00] guys.

My four areas where I'd like to take my growth to the next level, a quick recap, number one, verbally express gratitude each morning. Number two, before leaving work the night before, write down three meaningful tasks that I will do the next morning. Number three, meditative questioning and number four.

Some is better than none. I hope some of these you can apply to your daily life. If you have a next level. Tip a next level habit that you'd love to share. Please let me know. Visit road the number two and And leave me a message on the website. You can also hit me

And just share with me some of your next level tips that will take you to the next level. Thank you so much. Thank you all so much for tuning in. I [00:13:00] really appreciate all the support and love once again, be sure to visit the road to and also wanted to remind you that now you can download the show notes from.

All the episodes. So if you had a previous episode, that was one of your favorite, uh, and the guests that I interviewed had some valuable information to you and you wanted to reach out to them and contact them, or maybe. Figure out where to buy their book, download the show notes for that episode. And all of that information is on there.

Their social media contact info as well as links to where you can view previews and purchase their books as well. So again, full show notes available on the website. Check it out once again, everyone it's been a complete pleasure having you on this journey with me. You're all roadies. And I love, love [00:14:00] sharing time with you.

Thank you so much for listening and checking in once again until next time. This is Aubrey Johnson. We'll chat again soon.

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