Present and Future

[00:00:00] Announcer: In life's journey. We must seek to reflect, learn, and grow. Welcome to the road to rediscovery with your host, Aubrey Johnson.

Aubrey Johnson: Hello, everyone. And I want to welcome you to this special solo episode of the Road to rediscovery. I'm your host, Aubrey Johnson. The road to rediscovery is about reflecting on life's lessons to learn and grow, then taking it to the next level in helping others through dark times.

Today, I'd like to chat about, about the importance of understanding, how, what you take care of today will take care of you. In the future. Now let's think about that for a minute. We're always talking about reflecting on past lessons, right? And, and, and don't get me wrong. That is still a very [00:01:00] important thing to do.