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The Road to Rediscovery has taught me that we are stronger when we grow together. The same applies to the podcast community.

When I was first interested in podcasting, I had absolutely NO IDEA where or how to start. Everything from the equipment, to the software, to best practices; I was lost, until I decided to do my homework and look online for anything and everything I could learn about podcasting.

Over time, I’ve connected with other podcasters who were gracious enough to teach me about the “tools of the trade”. This page is my attempt to do the same for both aspiring and existing podcasters. I am not an audio expert (and I don’t claim to be); but I’ve tried different equipment and have been able to determine what works best for me. Here’s a list of different items that I use to produce my podcast. With each item, I try my best to explain why I use it, along with a link for more information on that item. Hopefully this will help you in your podcasting journey.


Zoom H4n Pro

I absolutely LOVE this thing.  For podcasting, I have my “studio lineup” of equipment, and my portable kit. This little baby is part of my portable kit.  Whenever I’m away from home and need a quality recording of an interview this is my go-to device.  It’s incredibly flexible – I can record using the built-in mics, or use up to 2 external mics with its two inputs.  Heck, I even found a way to record an interview from my iPhone, connected to one of the inputs 

  • Stereo or 4 Channel recording

  • 2 XLR inputs

  • USB Audio Interface

  • SD Card Slot

Blue Raspberry

This is part of my portable kit too.  If you talk about a small, but MIGHTY condenser microphone that delivers studio-quality sound, this is the one.  You’re probably asking “Why do you have this microphone, when you already have the Zoom H4n as your portable mic AND recorder?”  Well, here’s what makes the Blue Raspberry so unique:  It’s a mobile mic in the truest sense, meaning it has an additional interface for a DIRECT CONNECTION to your iPad or iPhone – NO ADAPTER.  This is huge.  Adapters can compromise the quality of our output.  Additionally, I can now VIDEO RECORD my episodes using this mic, directly connected to my iPad on a light ring tripod. Record on the iPad, edit via iMovie on the iPad, publish from the iPad.  How’s that for portability? 

  • USB connection for PC and Mac

  • USB connection for iPhone & iPad

  • Internal Acoustic Diffuser

  • Headphone jack & volume control; mic level & mute control

Blue Yeti

This is the “Big Daddy” mic for my home studio.  In my opinion, the highest quality USB microphone for professional recording.  It has everything I need:  Four sound pattern settings (Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, and Stereo), and a smooth, regal aesthetic that’s very appealing to the eye, a visual testament to mic quality and power. 

  • Zero Latency Headphone Output

  • Master Volume and Mic Gain Control

  • Four Pattern Selector

  • Custom Mic Base

AKG P120 Condenser Mic

A general purpose mic with quality sound at a great price.  Great for home studios.  I used this as one of my XLR inputs on the Zoom, and was blown away with the recording quality.

  • Great for vocals, or musical instruments

  • Durable design

  • Built in windscreen & pop filter


WD "My Passport" Portable Hard Drive (for Mac)

I prefer to have ALL podcast files and assets in ONE PLACE, so rather than bog down my computer storage, for $75 I picked up this 2TB drive as my dedicated podcast storage location.  Its USB-C ready and compatible, for a direct, solid connection to my MacBook Pro.  Files transfers are FAST, so are uploads & downloads directly to/from this drive.  And with my video episodes averaging 1 to 2gb each, I need all the speed I can get, lol…


5' X 7' Green Screen by Padcaster

This is a collapsible screen with retractable tripod stand.  A great foundation for using any virtual background you like.  Comes with nylon zip bags for both stand and screen.

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